16 Cool Inventions That Will Take You to the Future

What lays ahead of us in the next or several years to come is a great concern for those who have better predictions in conjunction with the ever emerging technicians scientific development. To get a glimpse of some of the predictions click the link below. https://brightside.me/creativity-design/14-cool-inventions-that-will-take-you-to-the-future-327860/

Science and technology studies

What is the relationship between science and technology and how far do the two work together to support a better social life?.While science basically interacts on learning , technology brings the advancement or the inducement of acquiring better scientific end results from the already achieved results. The world as a society requires both for a […]

15 best paid ceo’s in the world.

The measures to ones salary mostly depends on the general performance in the industry one is working at . performance in this case means the net profit. Most of these entrepreneurs are working in the world best managed industries and mostly with a global outreach. As you will notice later , some of these entrepreneur […]