15 best paid ceo’s in the world.

The measures to ones salary mostly depends on the general performance in the industry one is working at . performance in this case means the net profit. Most of these entrepreneurs are working in the world best managed industries and mostly with a global outreach.

As you will notice later , some of these entrepreneur mentors have crafted their ways from unbelievable humble beginnings. It’s worth asking yourself what makes a good ceo .Do you think the payments has an equivalency value in relation to the industry output.

Business wise ,it’s also good to reflects on the ceo’s works and what others can copy to achieve such a ranking . Otherwise I think it’s worth going through 5 lines to glimpse the ranking and where these role models works and their achievements so far. Click the links below for further enlightenment.

Check out @Johnmbaemwangi’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/Johnmbaemwangi/status/1102314041408716811?s=09

Five animals that have inspired modern technology.

As technology continues revolutionising the world there’s so much to learn from the animals who are the main triggers in this developments. Various questions arises as to who are the initial technocrats ,is it the animals or the man who claims to have initiated the technology? In reference to various historical facts you might be amazed to learn that animals are more advanced in technology use than a man. What the man does is to use his advanced knowledge and extracts the technologies from the animals through research for further application.

To learn more click the below url. https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/34592574

Online Free educational resources

As the days goes by, changes are inevitable and we either changes or remains outdated by the upcoming events or circumstances. Currently the normal local libraries are being outrun by the massive emerging online libraries.

Learning is becoming more easier in terms of accessibility. Learning resources are everywhere and you only need the knowledge on how to access it . The link below will guide you as to where you can get free knowledge online.


Women in business

Women is a general term in reference to a female in gender terms in terms of being an adult. This differs from one country to another. Women since the patriarchal times have been marginalised but are now catching up with the men .Today women have stakes in almost all the fields .Intially there some works reserved for the men versus those for the girl child. I thank God for this is no more as agitators of gender equality movement move on. To learn of how sisters are fairing in the world of the business continue reading. http


Eleven business ideas to try in Africa in 2019.

Opportunities are everywhere all over the world waiting to be exploited . As we speak right now there are amazing opportunities, untapped !.Just to your research and you amazed how much resources there are even in your neighbourhood. That’s why we says eyes that see and eyes that looks”.

Africa though not yet at it’s primal development stages has best yet to be tapped resources. The resource if exploited with due diligence is so promising and only requires the manpower and the capacity building to do the miracle.

Kindly see the below entailed step to step follow up of how the continent is fairing in this multi million untapped diverse fields in different countries.


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